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Below I feature a few of my creative projects. Click the posts to read more!

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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

"Coffee Grounds" is a vulnerable creative nonfiction essay on sexual health, racial disparities, religious and secular patriarchy, and sexual freedom. You can find it in Issue VIII of The Spotlong Review.

  • Writer's pictureTaylor Louise

So, I'm looking to expand my storytelling into the cinematic realm and enroll in film school. But I have to build a visual portfolio first.

I've been experimenting with the holga film camera. Here are some of the photos I'm happiest with:

I named this group of photos my "Marci Series" after my friend, Marcial.

There's a bit of accidental double exposure happening but I still consider the photos to be very successful.

You can find the two models on Instagram @insolar and @bluedreamboi

  • Writer's pictureTaylor Louise

Over the summer I got to publish a few pieces with an organization called Campus Clipper. I have combined all of these pieces together into one ebook that's free to download.

So if you want unrestrained access to my sage words of advice, download my ebook! It is called: Inner and Outer Worlds: Creativity, Mental Health, and Activism

Here is it's description: Do you want to know how to tap into the creativity all around you in order to enrich your life and boost your mental health? Do you want tips to balance your activism with your mental health? Do you need information on current public figures who balance their creative work with their political involvement? Or do you just want to know where to get a cup of coffee in a quiet, soothing, enriching NYC environment? Well then, read ahead!

It is available on Lulu website and a few other online bookstores. Follow the first link and you should get access no problem.

I got to collaborate with an incredible artist, Amy Young aka inksmuggler, on the cover art. I hope you enjoy the ebook and take a lot from it!


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