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About Me


My name is Taylor Louise and I am an interdisciplinary creative with a BA in Individualized Studies from NYU Gallatin with several published works and production credits.


I love stories and I’m on a never-ending quest to become a better storyteller and to help other storytellers improve their craft!


Here I am online:

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New York University – New York, NY                                                       September 2017 - May 2021

NYU Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Global Liberal Studies                      

Gallatin School of Individualized Study

Bachelor of Arts: The Psychological and Social Causes and Effects of Storytelling   


Relevant NYU Courses: 


  • What is the World in World Literature? Fictions and Formulations of a Worldly Idea

  • Screenwriting

  • How Art Works

  • Creative Writing: Argentina, Travel Writing at the End of the World

  • Writing Cross-Culturally

  • Reading & Writing LGBT YA Fiction: From Annie on My Mind to They Both Die in the End

  • Creative Writing: Writing Past The Apocalypse

  • Story Sense

  • Introduction to Dramatic Writing 


Other notable courses: 


Oxford University - Oxford Tradition Summer Program                                                       June 2016

  • Creative Writing 

  • Business 

Harvard University -  Summer Program                                                                                 June 2015 

  • Writing Short Fiction 

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