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Taylor Louise Consulting


Taylor Louise Consulting offers beta reading services & in-depth review and consultation services for long-form written projects. 


Taylor Louise Consulting is perfect for busy writers and multi-hyphenate creatives who want to workshop long-form written projects (ie. novels and scripts).


1) You fill out the Get Started form, indicating the service you'd like from the menu.  

2) We have a free consultation for 10-15 min to further discuss timeline, goals, & pricing. We sign a contract. 


3) You send over a deposit totaling 50% of the agreed rate. 

4) You send over your current draft. 

5) If you select Beta Reading, I read your draft and and send Beta Reading notes.

If you select Story Therapy, I read your draft and and send Beta Reading notes. We meet during a timed consultation to workshop & discuss your work in progress.


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When I was a freshman at NYU my auntie wrote a book. It was a 300+ page fantasy novel. Though she's not a fiction writer by trade, she’s a well-known creative and she was very proud of her manuscript. Still, it took her several years to get solid feedback on it. It wasn’t until after I graduated from college and had a little extra reading time, that I cracked it open and pored over it. 


I approached it like one of my many reading assignments, analyzing it for tone, grammar, pacing, mood, and overall story. I didn’t just read her manuscript, I annotated it. I asked her questions about it. Why did she choose for certain characters to interact the way that they did? What were her intentions for a specific scene? What did she want the reader to come away with at the end of the novel? 


Chapter by chapter I combed through her story the way I’d combed through dozens of essays and Humanities texts until I presented her with a several page document of my first impression of her work. This document became several conversations. Our interaction was the first time anyone had closely examined her work-in-progress and offered more than a “yes, that’s cool I guess” or a “sorry, I didn't read it” in response. 


My aunt is an accomplished playwright. Through my notes and our conversation she realized that she preferred writing vignettes over long chapters. She pivoted in her writing process, experimenting with form and allowing for flexibility. Now that my auntie has her story, it can now take any structure she desires. 

I decided to share the process I applied to my aunt's manuscript with other creatives, like you! 

Now I comb through clients' stories with a trained eye, workshopping with writers to turn their WIPs into successful stories. If you have a story in your heart but you aren't sure how to make it work, I can help! There are key elements to a successful and engaging story and I studied them! I can help you input the missing ingredients to polish and perfect your story. Send me your draft, outline, or synopsis, in whatever state it's in and we'll get to workshopping. Let's chat!

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