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I recently graduated! I completed my undergraduate career at New York University in a program called Gallatin School of Interdisciplinary Studies. Essentially, I made my own major. For the last two years of my undergraduate career I had the utmost autonomy when it came to choosing classes and subjects that related to my created concentration: The Psychological and Social Causes and Effects of Storytelling.

The only requirement was that I had to defend what I had spent the last several semesters doing before an academic panel. I chose 20+ books, films, articles, etc that I felt represented my course of study and I wrote a 9 page paper about my academic journey. After this, I had an hour and a half discussion with this academic panel of professors in order to prove that I was familiar with all the material and that I had used my freedom and time well.

I worked very hard on the paper and the list and I've decided to share it here. It represents a long, illuminating journey for me. I am not the same person that entered NYU four years ago. I have learned so so much and grown so so much and I could not be more grateful. It is my privilege to have been able to spend so much time thinking about and examining what it is I am most passionate about: stories. I hope you can get something out of my final undergraduate project!!



Thanks for reading! <3

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I have to admit. A part of me died.

When I had to leave that South American man and that new sexual experience that was free of shame, fear, full of a new tier of adulthood, a new window of life... I died.

When I left a world of baila and reggaeton, where I enjoyed glasses and bottles of wine whenever I wanted without being accosted... swimming with my hair woven into 20 inch braids with full confidence that they would dry as I laid out in the sun... I died.

When I had to leave the places of that life and that plane of experience and exploring, where I was closer to myself than I had ever been...where I had felt the highest highs and the lowest lows...where I tried my hand at meditation, at stillness, at being... I died.

When I left that world for this one, a nation full of leaders and a people devoid of morals...a nation of global epicenters, greed, ignorance, unrest, racial disparity, and the hypocritical clamor of “freedom” that sets this paradox of a nation apart... I died.

Here I fight for life. The air doesn’t come easy to me. I choke it down unpurified, clogged with blood, screams, torture, smoke, smog. I choke it down and swallow. And accept and adapt.

And my golden skin lies hidden underneath long sleeves. My eyes lie sunken into my face full of sleep but devoid of rest, of peace.

My mind races, makes patterns, searches for solutions in a world where that does not lie solely up to me.

But today I realized what gives. And it’s because a part of me has died. All those months ago I laid her to rest so that I could survive here. Here where my theoretical death pales in comparison to the bodily death of hundreds of thousands and the emotional death of all who mourn for them. I wonder what will be left alive, untouched.

In the back of my head and in my heart, I hope the world I left remains wondrous.

Even that world was fraught with disturbing history and a reality of inequalities. But I can stomach those more than those of this land. There I can escape. I understand that as my privilege.

So we leave little bodies scattered all over the place: the deaths of our former selves.

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