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Script Rough Draft: Episode One


Below I have attached a very rough draft of a screenplay that I have been working on for a looong while. This story has gone through several iterations and means a great deal to me. I am very excited to put it out into the universe in this way and see what comes of it.

Of course I welcome feedback, comments, and thoughts but I will admit that I am very tender when it comes to this story because it is a very recent work of mine--also it is a work in progress--and I am just dipping my toes into the process of sharing my work again.

With that being said I'm sure there may be some typos or even some little editor's notes in there that I've left for myself. Hopefully I've taken them all out; but even if not, I still want to share the draft as it is now. This is a very very vulnerable thing for me but I've made a commitment to myself to be more open about my work, especially since I'm serious about pursuing this career.

I posted the script in picture/slideshow format, because there's a significant amount of it and I didn't want it taking up too much space. Because of this, the pictures may take a while to load, especially if you're reading on your phone (although, I have to say, the bigger the screen, the better for this post). Be patient with the loading process because one picture is about two pages of copy so it represents a significant chunk of the story. Hopefully, there aren't too many technical difficulties.

Thanks for reading!!! And not to be too sentimental but this is the first time I've ever attached my name (and not a pseudonym) to my work in any "long-form" format so this is very big for me. Enjoy!

[Keywords: action, drama, romance, lgbtq+]

Like I said this is a story that I have worked on for a long time and that I'm still working on. I see a broad expanse of time laid out for these characters and so I felt that an episodic format would work best. I have a lot more content for these characters and I will be continually creating and editing more. Once those parts are done I definitely intend to share them as well so stay tuned!

Also, as my professor once told me, "the screenplay" is not meant to be a finished art-form. So yes, in the future I do see myself adapting these screenplays into something cinematic.

Thanks again for reading!


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