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Remaking my Blog

Updated: May 30, 2018

Getting reacquainted with blogging and sharing my work real time with readers...

I had a blog before. "DallasRey.com" and I absolutely loved it (you can try clicking but I'm sure the url no longer exists). I posted enthusiastically and consistently, sharing poetry, short stories, articles, and other pieces. This blog was a real asset and necessary outlet for me at the time. I was in my last year or so of high school and was struggling with mental health, with stressors stemming from my educational environment.

It was becoming more and more difficult to reconcile the discrepancy between my developing worldview and the flawed belief system that I was inundated with at my private Christian high school. My blog was an outlet that positively kept me sane. It

was a tool with which I held onto my identity and developed my expression and communication skills.

I'll admit, some of my posts stemmed from a place of anger, indignation. I had these strong feelings that I needed to express and put words behind. Just to prove that I wasn't crazy. Nonetheless I am proud of all of my articles. Whether my blog posts simulated a livid letter to my history teacher or included Biblical links proving that God loves everyone, even gays, they aided me in discovering and articulating my truth. I was coming to terms with my power and creativity.

...The Origin of Dallas Rey

I started writing seriously around my sophomore year of high school. I had done a summer creative writing program at Harvard University (as awesome as it sounds), which really awakened me to the reality that I really loved writing and could do it as a career.

A few weeks before this summer program I was introduced to "wattpad.com" which is a site that sort of works as social media for writers and readers. It became a major platform of expression for me. I published many of my first works on there and for the first time was able to receive feedback from people who wanted to read my work. In addition to writing on Wattpad I read a lot. I had favorite authors and favorite works. I was introduced to the world of fanfiction and smut and erotic, expressive poetry. These works, along with some fanfiction I wrote later down the line, really empowered me to peel back my layers and express myself in a vulnerable way.

But complete vulnerability took time; in fact its something that I'm still working on now. I went to high school in a very restricted environment. This environment took a heavy mental toll on me but as I stated earlier I was able to find real solace and freedom in writing. There was a time when I felt that the person I was being throughout the day was completely different from the person I became while I wrote. I began to learn that good writing could not come from a place of strictness or judgement, two qualities that I was heavily acquainted with all day at my high school. I realized that I needed to give myself free reign to write whatever I pleased without feeling afraid that I would be judged for it later.

And so I came up with the idea of a pseudonym. I had been considering specific writing names on my own. I briefly brought up the idea to my sister and she helped me to come up with a name on the spot: Dallas Rey. Dallas, Texas is where I was born. Rey is Spanish for King; I liked the royal sound of it. I made my wattpad account, and later my blog, under the pseudonym Dallas Rey.

This pseudonym helped me to fearlessly write. I still am working on writing fearlessly but a pseudonym started me on the path to complete expression.

...Moving Forward

And so here I am. Since creating the "alter ego" I have done two writing programs and run a blog for a year. I used the name for about three years. But then life changed for me. I got older, didn't get into the university that I wanted, and I graduated high school. I came to a place where I felt like I no longer had to hide behind a pseudonym in order to express myself (although I am still hella private with my writing). I am a slightly different person than I was when I created the name but I am incredibly grateful for the freedom I was able to operate in once I felt sufficiently disguised.

So. With all of that being said, I am still finding myself. I am learning my voice, discovering my "brand" and all that jazz. This is my new blog. I don't have a cool name for it yet but wait on it. My old blog was on a domain that I purchased (which was part of the reason that I ended it, because it costed money and wasn't making me money). This blog, for now, is on a free platform. I am still active on wattpad, although not as active as I used to be, and I am still writing, although I have not been sharing it with anyone.

While I get to the point of finishing what I'm working on (and creating new pieces), I want to get reacquainted with sharing and interacting with readers. Furthermore, I want to integrate my wattpad readers into what I'm working on now, whether or not I remain hyperactive on wattpad. I also have a couple of other ideas for this new platform I'm creating for myself and I'll be sure to share them along the way of sharing my writing.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to sharing my writing with you.

^^This is Me!!

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