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Peaky Blinders!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Peaky Blinders is a BBC show created by Steven Knight that centers around the Shelby family and the organized crime carried out by their gang, the Peaky Blinders. It takes place during the aftermath of World War 1. The show features the illustrious talents of Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, and Tom Hardy, just to name a few members of the incredible cast.

Season Five premieres today! In light of this momentous event, I'm reminded of all the fanfiction this show has inspired me to write...which is a lot.

I wrote an entire trilogy and a bonus story. So a four part series in total.

Book One: Heartless (2015)

When Toni is asked an impossible favor by her uncle, she must learn to overcome her fear and do what's best for her family: marry Thomas Shelby.

My story was centered around a main idea: what if the main love interest was a black woman? I took that question, made it concrete, and ran with it. (*Also I used to write under the pseudonym Dallas Rey)

I published this story September 2015 with the above synopsis. I was fifteen and in love with the show. Seasons one and two had come out and I'd watched them both with my family. The show contained adult themes and intense moments but I still enjoyed it (and was allowed to watch). It was gritty and at times explicit but it was very intentionally and brilliantly written. I recognized, even then, how incredible and powerful these characters were. It was so so fun creating narratives with these borrowed characters.

Book Two: Both of Us (2016)

When the lives of his entire family is threatened, Thomas must find strength in Toni to surmount his trials.

I published this story in January 2016 with the above synopsis. At this point, season three hadn't come out yet, but I was on a roll with the story I had created and the characters I had added to the dynamic Shelby family.

At this point I was making my own title pages and interacting with readers who would leave the nicest and most dramatic comments on my stories. I also went back and made some edits to my first story.

Book Three: Already Broken (2016)

When the memory of his lover seems to haunt him to the point of insanity, Thomas must find a way to keep his world from crashing down.

According to Wattpad I posted this story, with the above synopsis, in February 2016-that seems like a quick turnaround from my last one. But, anyway, by this story I had found my stride. I was comfortable with the characters' voices and the world I had created. I put in some twists, some action sequences, and even some steamy romance. If we're being honest, the focal point of the series is the steamy romance. I had established a community of engaged readers, who were constantly excited for my newest chapters and who encouraged me to update faster. Also I figured out how to add music, gifs, videos, and photos to my stories so each update became a full on production.

Meanwhile, my older stories were climbing in viewership and were getting a lot of recognition and thousands of reads. Also, I think in the midst of writing this story, season three of Peaky Blinders aired and I became even more of a mega fan. (Also there were some stylistic similarities between my story and the season's arc so that was incredible and mind-blowing!)

Book Four: Home Again (2016)

Addition to my Peaky Blinders Series. Book Four.

A little while later, August 2016, I published this story. It was set apart from the trilogy but still connected to the original narrative. I was having so much fun with these characters, this drama, and the audience that I had found for myself, that I didn't want it to end. I didn't post a synopsis for this one but it's set about eighteen years after the third story ends and it centers on the life of the previous main character's son.

This story was a bit harder to finish; it took me a bit longer. I wasn't as diligent with updates. But once I did finish it, I felt extremely rewarded not just by the comments but by my own effort and dedication.

It's crazy looking back now at these stories and the concrete dates because at the time, these stories felt so everlasting. I feel like I was working on them for years. Technically, I was, but still, the timeline wasn't as spread out as it seemed.

These stories helped me to discover my love for storytelling and my appreciation for readership, feedback, and literary conversation. It's incredible that Steven Knight, the show's creator, has created something so tangible and so inspiring that people like me all over the globe are connecting with it, and recreating it! I'm very thankful for my time writing fanfiction. I found it extremely therapeutic and stimulating. Furthermore, I can clearly see the vast improvement of my writing skills as the stories progress. Even now, I enjoy looking back at those stories and peering into my 15, 16, and 17 year old mind.

Also, the fact that there are thousands of people around the world still being drawn into my narratives, leaving comments, and even translating my work is an incredible gift. Writing these stories and receiving feedback contributed to my desire to create a blog.

Keep working at what you love! There's progress, I promise!

Thanks for reading!

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