• Taylor Louise

Past Poem

Here's a poem I shared at a poetry slam/open mic night (that I wrote about in my "Slam Poetry" entry).

When I first saw the light go out of your eyes,

I had blown them out like candles,

Ignoring the projection of you I had

worshipped for so long,

Ignoring the way your eyes changed colors like an underwater sunset,

Facing the truth.

But even now, I won't lie, they still retain a

bit of their former luminescence.

When I first saw the light go out of your eyes,

A fuse had suddenly blown and like a

blackout, I was left in darkness.

I searched for you there,

Reaching out my hands for anything I

could find or feel of you,

But you were not ready to be found, not yet.

Never have your eyes been so black as

right now, and yet, so beautiful.

When I first saw the light go out of your eyes,

They had only flickered, a moment of indecision.

After the lapse, all returned to normal,

But for a second you had forgotten to love yourself.

Never has a second scared me so much.

I'd hate to see those lights get dimmer.


Whew this takes me back to being sixteen and freshly in love with literature. Fun fact: I wrote this poem about three separate people. I'll also attach a video of me performing this! Thanks for reading!

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