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Journal Entry

Did some journaling recently and was able to give voice to a lot of the lowness and negativity I was feeling. I've put in some edits to my journal entry because it was very raw and at times scattered and confusing.

August 10, 2019

"...I realize that a key part of how I'll give back to the world, and develop my platform and capital to do so, is through writing. And right now the world is so evidently in shambles. Children are being taken away from their parents. It's like the holocaust all over again. ...People are apathetic, ill-informed. Widespread rhetoric is pumping out lies and misinformation. People are dying and being systematically and cyclically targeted and abused under tyrannical systems of power that spew democratic propaganda and people are watching idly. So yea, I feel helpless, anxious, hopeless and I fall into a pit of despair when my writing feels like it's not good enough. Like it's lacking, tired, uninspired, because it is my tool. It's all I have, my voice. Without money or power it is my way to become money and power... Also, kids can be locked in cages but I can't get a bottle of wine? Sometimes laws are wrong/unjust/evil...there's nothing new under the sun"


There's a lot of despair but also a lot of hope. A lot of people are making it their daily mission to enact positive change etc. You just have to look for them. Also a lot of what we're facing today has a historical precedent so by researching history and becoming aware, we can feel more equipped to face the same ideologies that have resurfaced today.

Here are some of my favorite uplifting voices/activists on Instagram

@generatorcollective - Generator Collective - Organization spreading awareness of governmental policies

@kendrick38 - Kendrick Sampson - actor and activist

@mattmcgorry - Matt McGorry - actor and activist

@traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross - actress and advocate

These are just a few people on my timeline, there are so many more to support, be aware of, and be encouraged by.

Thanks for reading!

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