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Films I Watched (and Rated) This Summer

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Brief Introduction

So here are the 30+ films that I spent my summer watching. I don't usually watch non-mainstream, independent, or international films on my own but this summer that changed. At one point this summer I had watched almost ten movies within two weeks, which was definitely a record high for me. I felt so indebted to the creators, actors, and artists that contributed to making the films and so I wanted to document my viewing experience in some way. My sister suggested that I start a film journal, so I did!

I have these films arranged in my own film chart with the dates of their release, their directors, credited writers, several of the central actors, my favorite actors, and a description of what I thought of the film. In this post I only linked the film poster images to the IMDB pages of the film where the directors, writers, and other information can be found (that's where I got most of my info anyway).

I included my film ratings and descriptions on my INTERACTIVES page.

Also, my descriptions are often based on this reference that I made for myself:

(+/-) Elements--> Framing, focus, trickshots, sound, soundtrack/music, writing, storyline, originality, characterization, distracting elements, takeaways, critiques, praises, observations, etc.

I have these movies listed mostly in the order that I watched them this summer. I usually specify in my descriptions if this summer was not the first time I had watched the film. As the summer went on and my list continued to build I noticed a few trends. For example, my descriptions get more and more longwinded as I get more passionate about film. And towards the end of the list I am completely sure that I want to make films as part of my creative expression. There are spoilers in the descriptions but they relate mostly to cinematic moments not plot points

*more notes below film posters


My rating scale isn't very strict. I'm not trying to compare these movies to each other. The number rating I give is based on if I think, in my humble opinion, that the director had a clear vision and carried it out successfully; if that vision reached me and affected me. Of course no film is perfect but if the honesty of the film, despite its imperfections, created an enthralling and complete narrative then to me it achieved its aim.

I found it too difficult to rate each title because I respect artists and creatives so much. It's so much easier for me to critique than it was for the makers to create vulnerably. What is most important is that each of these creators poured into and finished beautiful works.

I'll just put a 10/10 by the ones I really loved and think you should watch. 10/10 means the film was perfectly realized, theres nothing more I could have wanted from the film (except maybe for it to have been longer lols). I might also sneak in a 9/10.

Click on a title for IMDB page

More Notes

-If I curse in my description it’s because I was super riled up. Be warned, a couple of these movies got me super riled up

-I purchased a lot of these movies or accessed them from streaming services…give credit to creators!

-The first few films are mainly LGBTQ. I was on a kick :)

-There are definitely some super hero movies at the beginning of the summer that I left out; Nia and I were on a Marvel kick (I really did watch a lot of moves this summer!)

- My summer was unexpectedly elongated, which allowed more time for movie watching

Diversity and Distribution

Before this summer, what I knew of movies mostly consisted of the films that made it to the big screen. What I learned is that there are already so many diverse, inclusive, original, captivating feature length films in existence. Because of current streaming services, these award winning films are able to be distributed beyond film festivals and spread on wider platforms. This type of creation is in no way new, it was just hidden from view.

I'm thankful that I got into the habit of journaling about the films I watch. I'm sure there will be countless more films added onto my chart. I'm glad I was able to take this time and share the films from this summer.

*Visit the INTERACTIVES page for ratings and descriptions

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