Click films for ratings and descriptions. *Not all films have ratings. 


My descriptions are often based on this reference that I made for myself:

(+/-) Elements--> Framing, focus, trickshots, sound, soundtrack/music, writing, storyline, originality, characterization, distracting elements, takeaways, critiques, praises, observations, etc. 

The descriptions contain spoilers related mostly to cinematic moments not plot points. 


My rating scale isn't very strict. I'm not trying to compare these movies to each other. The number rating I give is based on if I think, in my humble opinion, that the director had a clear vision and carried it out successfully; if that vision reached me and affected me. Of course no film is perfect but if the honesty of the film, despite its imperfections, created an enthralling and complete narrative then to me it achieved its aim.  

I found it too difficult to rate each title because I respect artists and creatives so much. It's so much easier for me to critique than it was for the makers to create vulnerably. What is most important is that each of these creators poured into and finished beautiful works. 

I'll just put a 10/10 by the ones I really loved and think you should watch. 10/10 means the film was perfectly realized, theres nothing more I could have wanted from the film (except maybe for it to have been longer lols). I might also sneak in a 9/10.

More Notes 

-If I curse in my description it’s because I was super riled up. Be warned, a couple of these movies got me super riled up

-I purchased a lot of these movies or accessed them from streaming services…give credit to creators!

-The first few films are mainly LGBTQ. I was on a kick :)

-There are definitely some super hero movies at the beginning of the summer that I left out; Nia and I were on a Marvel kick (I really did watch a lot of moves this summer!)

- My summer was unexpectedly elongated, which allowed more time for movie watching